A unique Skill Labs Achievement System is officially out

3 min readOct 6, 2022

Focusing all of our efforts on building top-notch tools for Web3 gamers, the Skill Labs team is excited to inform all of you about the Achievement System rollout. This is the product we have been working on tirelessly for months, and it’s high time to clue you in on what it is all about.

Read today’s article to get acquainted with the essence of the novice system and learn what you should expect to see next. Without any further ado, let’s get straight to it!

How does an Achievement System operate?

The Achievement System created by Skill Labs enables players to mint their achievements in the form of NFTs in both traditional and Web3 games. The achievements system has been implemented on the Polygon network, meaning that users can now mint their Proof-of-Skill NFTs for free beyond the cost of the required gas.

The system currently supports several of today’s top Web3 titles, including Thetan Arena, Era7: Game of Truth, Tiny World, and others. We are pledged to bring the achievements system to many more games, making it possible for every player to mint their in-game achievements, but we will cover it in detail a bit later.

Who can benefit from the novice solution?

In a broad sense, millions of players can now redeem their achievements for Web3 and classical games thanks to the advent of the Skill Labs Achievement System. What’s more, our solution will enable users to:

  • stand out from the crowd by proving your in-game progress and achievements
  • build a cohesive gaming portfolio and simplify the process of becoming scholars in Web3 games
  • own your progress and in-game achievements, even if you lose your account — the achievements will be a valid proof of your progression.

How to mint your achievements?

In order to mint your Proof-of-Skill NFTs, follow the procedure below:

  1. Go to https://app.skilllabs.io/login
  2. Connect your Metamask Wallet
  3. Choose the game you want to mint your achievements from

You will see all your minted achievements in your profile.

If the desired project is not supported by the Achievement System, feel free to leave your suggestions in the special form in your profile.

What to expect next?

Our core team will be mainly focused on gathering feedback from our community in the coming weeks. We are striving to make the system extremely player-oriented, so feel free to leave your suggestions about what games we should add to the Achievement System on our Discord server.

Aside from that, we will add more games to our achievement set, both traditional and blockchain games. Do you enjoy games like Fortnite, CS:Go, PUBG, or others? Keep an eye out for your Proof-of-Skill NFTs!

Furthermore, we are actively working with our game partners on integration so that Skill Labs can access more off-chain data. It will assist us in co-designing achievements with game developers and creating a more interesting and engaging experience for the gaming community.

We are also working on adding more features to a gamer’s profile, such as a public or private mode, easy social media sharing, and a referral system, thus stay tuned!

Make sure to follow our social media platforms to keep up with the latest updates concerning the project.

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