About Skill Labs: we build, we connect, we play and earn

3 min readApr 15, 2022


We are a community of gamers, developers and data analytics geeks.

We published games, built games, and worked with guilds from MMO titles before play-to-earn became a thing.

We worked with sustainable play-to-earn economies in classic games, and we strongly believe that play-to-earn is a next step for gaming and also that gamers deserve much more than just animated staking — play-to-earn games need to be held to a higher standard.

We are committed to helping to make the transition to play-to-earn as smooth as possible for 3 billion gamers, by building tools & infrastructure, helping games become better, and educating the community.

Our solution comes in the following forms:

We build tools

We are data freaks, so we started out by building Game Data Engine that parses blockchain data to track specific metrics for each gamer in different games.

We then used this tech to build tools:

— Analytical Dashboards, to show key metrics, and to help users decide whether to jump in or not.

— Gamer Passports with achievements across the metaverse — record, track, and keep a gamer’s playing experience in one place. This will allow the top performers to create a proven resume and to get more attractive offers from guilds, games, and other partners.

— Game agnostic CRM tool for guilds of any size — guild managers no longer need to worry about the operational burden of tracking data manually. Our platform also acts as a learning center for members of the community at any level, which will help them to improve their skills and get educational support when and where needed.

We connect

Skill Labs is the first horizontal and analytic platform that facilitates and improves cooperation for all key groups of stakeholders within the play-to-earn space. We connect investors and gamers with the help of the tools we build to grow the holistic ecosystem. First and foremost we are a community of passionate gaming professionals and GameFi fans. We are proud to say that we already have several thousand community members: scholars, guild managers, and NFT investors that are actively helping us to grow and develop. We have a community that is willing to learn from each other and share knowledge within a culture of learning, to help build the future of play-to-earn.

We play and earn

We love games. We leverage our publishing and gamedev experience to pick the best games and bring them to our community.

We are committing to these games by participating in NFT and token sales and we grow with them together.

And for every game we play, we are happy to share the benefits with our community.

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