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Pegaxy. What is it?

Pegaxy Galaxy is a remarkably uncommon ecosystem. It allows players to enter whatever race they want for free. This unique ecosystem provides players with highly competitive gameplay.

Every race has randomized elements that influence the gameplay one way or another. They include wind, water, fire, speed, and more. The rewards are beneficial as well. Creators made sure to make the concept of a game clear and easy to use. 12 different racers compete against each other to reach a TOP 3 placement — as easy as it can be.

If you manage to get to the TOP 3 players, you will be rewarded with VIS tokens (utility tokens of the platform). It’s worth mentioning that reaching the desired top 3 requires your skills, knowledge, and unique strategies. Being one with your Pega, race preparations, dedication — these are keys to success in this game. The rewards are definitely worth it. The gameplay is also quite customizable and broad.

4 different bloodlines of Pegaxy

  1. Hoz. This is the rarest breed of the Founding Pega. This breed is an elite, lightning-themed Pega that will be a breathtaking force on the track.
  2. Campona. This breed is bonded with fire. The bloodline adapts to any kind of fiery conditions. To put it simply — they are resistant and fast gods.
  3. Klin. They are masters of water. Wet and rainy conditions are no struggle for them. A klin Pega is known for its reliability and focus during the toughest weather conditions.
  4. Zan. When the winds are at their strongest, Zan Pega’s bloodline is at its very best. Designed especially for wind, they can put their focus and stability into your success.

You need to look closely and precisely in case you are a collector. If you are a racer, the best way for you is to get on track and get to the testing. Once you see a remarkable Pega available — waste no time and get it. This is your way to embrace greatness.

  1. Racing. Even though this part looks pretty easy, it’s not. You need to master all the elements, strategies, and skills use to get to the end goal — winning VIS. Once you develop your skills, understand the mechanics and learn to analyze competitors — nothing will stop you from dominating the game.
  2. Breeding. This is the part everybody will have a special use for. You can breed Pega for future resale, for scholars, or simply to have fun. The more Pega you have, the better — plain and simple.
  3. Renting. In case you want to become a manager, there is absolutely no need for manual scholar payments and numerous wallets. Escrow handles everything in Pegaxy automatically. It’s totally safe, convenient, fast, and transparent for every user.

How to start playing

If you dealt with all the lore information, it’s high time to start playing. Let’s break it down into the next steps.

  • Connecting. You need to connect your Metamask Wallet to the Pegaxy Website and Polygon Chain. Read our guide on how to do it
  • Purchasing or renting. Rent or purchase a Pega from the Marketplace.
  • Entering the race. You need to click the “Enter Race” button and then you will be moved into a lobby matching your Pega’s class, immediately.
  • Racing. This is your time to do your best and collect the rewards.

Pegaxy (aka Pegasus Galaxy) is a racing game in a futuristic mythological style. Pega (horses) are the descendants of the mighty Pegasus. In this game, players will race in PvP format to win rewards in the platform’s native utility token, VIS (Vigorus).

Pegaxy Galaxy is a unique ecosystem. It is based on the fact that players can race for free. This economic model is very competitive, as it gives equal chances to all newcomers.

How to earn in Pegaxy?

In this game, you have 3 ways to earn money: as a scholar, as an owner, and as an investor.

If you want to know more about how to earn money in this game, you can read our previous guide.

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