BinaryX: how to play and earn

5 min readSep 21, 2022


How to start

  • Connect Binance Smart Chain compatible wallet such as MetaMask, guide is here
  • Buy BNX token from PancakeSwap or Binance

$BNX Token Address: 0x8c851d1a123ff703bd1f9dabe631b69902df5f97

$Gold Token Address: 0xb3a6381070B1a15169DEA646166EC0699fDAeA79

$Crystal Token Address: 0x6AD7e691f1d2723523e70751f82052A8A2C47726

  • To start the game, you need to have a minimum of 1BNXC + 50 BUSD for recruitment or minting
  • Head out to CyberDragon page and connect your wallet to start playing

How to play

Weekly NFT-heroes are offered at auctions for recruitment. Each user can bid any amount of BNX higher than 1, while the BUSD part is fixed at 50. Any users can make a bid to a hero at any time and the bid offer will be placed on the transaction list. Users have the option to cancel their bid anytime.

You should remember that each bidder’s funds will be locked until the selection. One wallet can bid to an unlimited number of heroes.

The 2,000 employment orders with the highest bid will be filled at a random time between 11:30–12:30 (UTC) on Thursdays. All orders greater than the lowest price will be exchanged at the lowest order price, and users get newly hired heroes.

By default, the hired hero is at level 1. To improve his skills, you can spend BNX/Gold. Gold can be obtained through the rewards of dungeon adventures, or through each hero’s daily work of mining. Leveling up the hero will increase the hero’s combat effectiveness and mining duration.

Please note that in case of failure during the improvement of the hero, his level will drop to level 1. Here is the price of each upgrade:

Your hero is randomly assigned a Class when you recruit them. Classes that are currently supported include: Warrior, Rogue, Mage, Ranger, Knight, Priest, Druid.

  • Warriors boast the greatest growth in terms of Strength and Constitution;
  • Rogues can cause massive physical damage, can equip all one-handed weapons, light shields, and light and medium armor;
  • Mages are masters of manipulation: they have the highest growth of spirit and intelligence and are good at dealing with AOE damage;
  • Knights possess the fastest growth of Constitution and Spirit;
  • Rangers have balanced and steady growth in Strength, Agility and Constitution, which allows these rugged fighters to dominate in Adventures and Challenger Competitions;
  • Priests are blessed with elevated growth in Intelligence, Spirit, and Willpower;
  • Druids can equip all wands, light shields, and medium armor. These spritely forest dwellers have enhanced Intelligence and Constitution development.

All heroes are distinguished by a variety of skills. To deal more damage to opponents and receive high rewards, it is necessary to upgrade certain qualities. For this you need to have tokens — BNX, Gold or Crystal.

By going to the Market, you can choose an NFT hero of any rarity with upgraded qualities.

The price of NFTs starts from 0.01 BNX.

Play and earn $BNX

The most interesting part of the game is the Adventures. You can go to Small or Large Dungeons to fight monsters and be rewarded.

In the Small Dungeons you can fight randomly generated monsters alone. Combat is automatic, and if you win you get a reward, and if you lose you get a small part of the reward from previous victories.

Players of levels 1–3 can participate in such an adventure three times a day, starting from level 4+ the number of Small Dungeons passes corresponds to the level.

You will need to pay some Gold to embark on an Adventure, and the amount required may change dynamically in response to changes in the prices of Gold and BNX.

Large Dungeons can only be traveled by a team of two or more people. This is a more complicated adventure, during which players may encounter several bosses. If they lose, the heroes lose all the rewards they have earned.

Generally, in Dungeons, depending on the difficulty of the level, players receive the following rewards:

Dungeon rewards are influenced by the wealth of the monsters (WoM). The less heroes challenge the dungeon in a short period of time, the higher the monster’s wealth will be.

Also you can try Free to Play CyberArena. Follow next steps to play and earn:

  • Log in through any wallet on BSC;
  • Select an opponent for battle (the computer does this automatically);
  • Prepare for the battle: remember which heroes for the first and second line of battle your opponent has chosen;
  • Place your heroes on the battle line. You can choose as many heroes as all cards cost no more than 100 points. If you go over the limit, you will have to remove one of your heroes or replace it with another.

The battle is automatic. Your heroes fight each other for several rounds and deal damage. Those heroes that have been defeated disappear from the battlefield. The battle continues until all one player’s characters are defeated.

In addition to the bloody battles, the heroes also have their own daily life and work. When not on adventures, the characters can do some job to gain gold.

All newly recruited heroes will be mining Gold for their daily work. Once they start mining, heroes will continually earn mining tokens. Players can quit the heroes’ jobs at any time, but they will not be able to participate in daily mining again.

Although cryptocurrency must be invested to fully participate in BinaryX games, players can earn Gold and BNX in many ways: completing Dungeon Adventures, daily mining, free participation in the Arena, and the ability to buy and sell NFTs via Marketplace.

This is basically the key information you need to get started with BinaryX, so make sure to leverage it while playing this exciting P2E project and don’t forget to thank us later!