Calendar with upcoming P2E events is out: time to skyrocket your earnings!

2 min readJul 5, 2022

Skill Labs does value our lovely users and this time we wanted to surprise you with something really unusual. How would you react if we say that our team has created a calendar that will help you to maximize your gains by taking part in the most relevant play-to-earn events?

Yes, you heard it right, the Skill Labs is happy to present you with a special calendar, which features the most prominent upcoming activities and events within the first-class GameFi projects. The calendar contains only projects that can boast of top-notch backers as well as cool communities.

Features of the Skill Labs calendar

  • Versatile calendar with best P2E events gathered in one place
  • Easy-to-use and absolutely free of charge solution
  • The Calendar’s data is regularly updated
  • Users can leave their feedback about the calendar

It’s not just a shortlist of the different tournaments and challenges gathered in one place, but a work that required a great deal of research and effort. Our team has been working tirelessly on continuous collection, monitoring and updating of data regarding projects that are indeed worth your attention.

You are able to easily access it absolutely for free simply by following this

What’s more, Skill Labs plans to update the calendar regularly so that you can always check it out and come up with your gaming schedule. We would fly to the moon and back for you, you know that, right?

By the way, if you want to either leave feedback about the calendar or request to add a specific game, head over to our Discord server to the #product-updates channel. There you can let us know about some of your remarks and discuss the upcoming events with other gamers and NFT investors.

About Skill Labs

Skill Labs is a platform that allows players, games and investors to find each other and choose the best conditions for themselves. It unites all market participants and provides them with tools to maximize benefits for each of the parties.

The platform allows gamers from all over the world to build their own guilds, get funded via different sponsorship programs and last but not least learn and accelerate with our experienced mentors.

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