Chain of Legends

5 min readAug 23, 2022


How to start

  • Connect Binance Smart Chain compatible wallet such as MetaMask to the game, guide is here
  • You can either enjoy Free-to-Play gameplay or buy $CLEG token for quicker in-game progress, guide is here

$CLEG Token Address: 0x4027d91eCD3140e53AE743d657549adfeEbB27AB

How to play

You can start the game in Free-to-Play mode. The game starts when you get the Land.

The number of free Desert Lands is updated each day. You will also be able to buy any of the preferred lands on the Marketplace, which are distinguished by Rare and Capacity of CLEG. The minimum price of a Land is 72 CLEG (~1.368 USD or ~0.045 BNB), the maximum is 11,000 CLEG (~200 USD or 0.66 BNB).

Remember that each land has limited amounts of resources. When the resources of a land finish, the land will disappear, and you have to find a new one.

Token mining is available to new players thanks to free CLEG Mine with 50 tokens production per day. When you get the Land, you can place the CLEG Token Mine there and start getting tokens. Later, you can upgrade this Mine to increase token capacity.

In the future, earned tokens will allow you to purchase other game resources — Stone and Iron.

These resources are used to build Barracks, where you can train your troops before your Adventures! You can get Stone and Iron in Mines, which you buy at the Marketplace for CLEG tokens.

Once you build the Barracks, you can increase the training of your troops and improve their skills.

There are several types of units in Chain of Legends including Warrior, Archer, Lieutenant, Cavalry Knight, Royal Mage, Catapult, Dragon and Goblin.

Each unit has certain damage, defense, and resource income skills, which allows them

earn experience (XP) in battles. When you get enough XP, the troops can be upgraded to the next Level, increasing HP, Attack Damage, and Healing by 50%. For ranged units, they will get 1 more attack range every 3 levels.

The skills of heroes can be improved through training in the Barracks or upgrading by combining two heroes. Improving the level of units requires resources, but later you can send them on adventures and receive rewards.

It’s time to talk about the most interesting part of the Chain of Legends. Gather troops and send them on one of the exciting Adventures!

  • Dungeons. In the dungeons, troops will fight monsters, find treasures and rare objects. There, too, you are likely to encounter new units that will become part of your troops. Finding a dungeon can take several days.
  • Treasure Island. Treasure Island adventures are more complicated. It takes one to ten days to find the Island, and if the Island is occupied by other players, you will have to fight them for the right to explore the area.

Collecting speed depends on the sum of the attack power of your heroes and it’s 1 CLEG per 2 attack power per day.

Fortify your island with walls to safely collect treasure and be prepared for monster attacks. One way or another, your troops will need to engage in battles.

  • Battles in Chain of Legends have an automated turn-based nature. The player can set strategies and the formation of troops before the battle. Also, you are able to set the target priority of units, in this case, the unit will attack the highest priority target in its range.


- Closest

- Highest HP

- Lowest HP

- Highest Damage

Units lose HP in battles and it takes time (depending on the level of Barracks) to recover their HP.

Play and earn $CLEG

For players who are not ready to invest in a developing project, there is a Free-to-Play mode that allows you to earn CLEG tokens. There are several specific ways to get tokens:

  • Free Mining in CLEG Mine. When you first start the game, you can get free Desert Land. It allows you to begin free mining of CLEG tokens.
  • Referral Program. You can get your referral link in the “My Referral” section and share it with your friends. There is a page where you can monitor your referral stats. You can also get multiple referral links and have separated referral stats on each link.

By inviting friends you will get following benefits:

  • 5% reward for every invitee’s deposit;
  • 100% of the trading fee of your invites in the marketplace;
  • 4% equivalent bounty bonus of invitees’ mining income.

Free tokens and NFTs:

  • Contribute to marketing campaigns for airdrop and bounties for free tokens and NFTs;
  • Daily Quests Claims;

And now, what are you waiting for? Dive yourself into gameplay Chain of Legends and start leveraging all the earning opportunities offered by this project. Enjoy incredible P2E experience and have a good one!