Exclusive Perk Club for holders of Proof-of-Skill NFTs

2 min readOct 14, 2022

The core team of Skill Labs is back with fantastic news for our cherished community. We are hyped up to inform our users that Skill Labs is launching an exclusive Perk Club for holders of the Proof-of-Skill NFTs.

How to become a member of the Perk Club?

There are two basic steps that you need to take in order to obtain access to Skill Labs Perk Club.

  1. Firstly, you have to mint at least one Proof-of-Skill NFT via our Achievement System. We covered how you can mint your in-game achievements in both Web2 and Web3 gaming projects and provided more details about the System itself in our recent blog post.
  2. The second step is getting a role Achievement holder in our Discord.

What about the prizes?

That’s the most exciting part of the Perk Club because our project can boast of more than 45 partners from the Web3 gaming space including Walken, Gunzilla, Axes Metaverse, Rebel Bots,

Thetan Arena, Cyball, etc, and we are continuously expanding the list. Our partners have lots of cool prizes to share with the most loyal Skill Labs fans.

We decided to appreciate early members of Perk Club with a rich prize pool that includes:

Please note that prizes are planned to be raffled on a weekly basis, and a separate prize pool will be created for the newcomers.


Skill Labs values an extensive friendly community of gamers that we are jointly building with all of you, and hopefully, the advent of Perk Club will make our bonds even stronger.

Make sure to benefit from all the opportunities offered by game-focused games, including Dashboard, P2E Calendar and Achievement System. By the way, you can also easily apply for scholarships in P2E projects using your profile.

Stay tuned for future updates and follow our socials to be aware of the latest announcements.

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