How to add the Polygon network to Metamask?

2 min readFeb 12, 2022

Due to numerous questions from the Skill Guilds users, we decided to create a guide dedicated to the process of adding the Polygon chain to your Metamask wallet. Since this step is essential for tapping into various play-to-earn projects and purchasing NFTs for them, make sure to get acquainted with the algorithm.

How to add the Polygon network to Metamask?

Step 1. Open/create a Metamask wallet

To start with, you need to open or create the MetaMask wallet. For those, who do not have one, the SkillGuilds team has already created a separate guide on how to create a MetaMask.

Read the full guide here.

Step 2. Open networks menu

From the MetaMask main screen click on the button with your current network:

Step 3. Click “Add network”

From the previously opened menu click on the “Add network” button.

Step 4. Add Polygon

Next, insert the information below:

Network Name: Polygon


Chain ID: 137

Currency Symbol: MATIC

Block Explorer URL:

Eventually, click on the “Save button”.

Congratulations, you have successfully connected the Polygon blockchain to your MetaMask wallet.

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