How to earn in Pegaxy?

5 min readFeb 11, 2022


History probably doesn’t know a betting sport older than horse racing. People have bet their money to watch horses race for centuries, and today we have an exceptional opportunity to enjoy this type of betting sport from a completely different perspective.

Now, the modern-age generation can earn money on games that are not only competitive and interesting but also highly customizable and fun. The creators put lots of effort into making this ecosystem a truly remarkable one. So, here’s a little walkthrough of earning money in Pegaxy.

Despite the free start, the final reward is profitable in any case. Players compete with 11 other racers, trying to get into the top three.

All players in the top 3 earn VIS tokens, the utility token of the platform. Knowledge, strategy, and skills are necessary in order to get into the top three. Always be ready to race, dedicate your time, and be united with your Pega, the rewards will make it all worthwhile.

How to earn as an owner

1. Create a Metamask wallet (read our guide on how to do it)

2. Connect Polygon chain to the Metamask wallet

3. Import a custom token.

4. Buy your pega. You can buy it with USDT or PGX (the governance token of the game).

Take into consideration the winrate and the number of breeding of a pega while choosing one.

When you buy a pega, look at racing specifics.

  • Energy: you can have 1 race an hour. However, you can earn up to 25 energies and use them all at once.
  • VIS: when you get to the top 3, you can claim the tokens.

How to earn as a scholar

Before the race, you have to set up your Pega according to how the track will look. An important point is that participation is free. However, you must be in possession of your Pega. You can either rent it or buy it. It’s up to you.

There are two types of rent: Fixed Rental and Profit Share.

  1. Fixed Rental is a traditional type of rent. You can place your Pega and decide the terms of your rent.
  2. Profit Share is a type of rent that allows owners to post their Pegas for people to use it. Renting here is free, unlike the Fixed Rental. The owner of a Pega sets the rent terms, deciding the percentage of a profit share.

Next, after you enter the Pegaxy game, select the “Race” section. Press “Ready” and you will be taken to a lobby based on what class your Pega is. The lobby will fill up in about a minute. This time is the preparation phase. You’ll be able to customize your Pega’s attributes with gear, if you have any.

More info about gear

The gear has both positive and negative effects on the attributes. You will lose 1% speed or fire if you use a breastplate that adds 1% strength.

Here is the formula: Speed <-> Strength <-> Fire <-> Water <-> Wind <-> Light <-> Speed.

If you don’t have any gear, then you’ll just wait. Also, it does not give any special advantages. You may have the best gear in the game, but it will not guarantee victory.

Racing is a bit random, however, there are quite a few factors influencing the victory.

The random number generator decides whether you get into the top three or not. However, Pegaxy strives to provide as many player-controlled factors as possible, which will allow the most experienced players to have a better chance of getting into the top three as they have spent more time understanding the game mechanics.

How to earn as an investor

This way allows you to buy and rent Pegas by yourself. You can also start investing in Skill Guilds. We will use your funds to deploy scholars playing Pegaxy.

We will use all the funds to deploy scholars playing Pegaxy. We make sure that funds are distributed among the best scholars and if scholars perform poorly they are being replaced in real time. Of that earnings, 70% are distributed proportionally to all NFT holders. The remaining 30% goes to scholars, guild managers and Skill Guilds operations teams.

Why to choose Pegaxy

As we know, horse racing has been one of the first and the most popular betting games of all time. This game is a great example of the Metaverse adaptation, where you can sell, buy, rent, and earn, while using your time, effort, and skills.

As you can see, this game aims to be the horsing game of the Metaverse. It is well-respected within the community and the industry. Well-weighted economic balance, innovation in trustless rental systems, and on-chain technology are the main reasons that made this game so special.

Many experts state that the popularity of a game is connected with its gameplay, transparency of a team, and community involvement. This ecosystem allows you to manage your own stable, rent, show your racing skills combined with knowledge and strategies, and sell. If you put enough time into dealing with the lore, mechanics, and details of the game, you can become the best racer and win the Grand Dash while earning a solid amount of money. So, waste no time and start playing as soon as possible.

Here is a Pegaxy Roadmap:

  • 3D racing
  • Races that will be controlled by the players
  • Reduced RNG model, more dependency on player skills
  • Post-race results
  • Race results

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