Introducing the Skill Labs ($SKG) Token

2 min readApr 25, 2022



$SKG token is the oxygen of the Skill Labs universe.

The Skill Labs team cares deeply about making sure that the $SKG token will be used in multiple ways, providing token holders with as many benefits as possible.

We are committed to helping 3 billion gamers to make that transition as smooth as possible, by building tools & infrastructure, helping games become better, and educating the community.

$SKG is powering all the interactions on the platform and grows together with the ecosystem.


Every owner of $SKG token participates in voting over key decisions of Skill Labs DAO. The more tokens you hold, the more “votes” you have when it comes to voting. As direct beneficiaries of token value increase we expect and will do our best to navigate DAO in the best interests of token holders.

Games & Ecosystem

$SKG token is not just a transactional token but also a token that accumulates and represents the value Skill Labs creates and transmits to its token. Simply said, the better Skill Labs is doing the higher is $SKG token market value. Market value directly depends on:

— Investments & Partnerships (growth of portfolio)

— Yield farming

— Growth of ecosystem usage (CRM, etc.). We commit a part of the revenue for token buybacks

— NFT assets value growth and consecutive proceeds from operating the assets

— Other commercial projects


Besides the token value itself, the token holders will get various perks and rewards. To name a few:

— $SKG holders only NFT, game token airdrops;

— Access to specially designed NFT collection by SG and creative partners;

— Staking rewards;

— Access to closed betas, early access to the most awaited games.

With all of this available, the $SKG Token really is the building block of Skill Labs, for every party involved. It will fuel our community and successes, and make us able to move forward, farther, quicker, and together! Are you ready?




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