Launch of Skill Labs limited-access NFT community

2 min readJul 11, 2022


What is going on, Skill Labs fans? We hope that you’ve already come to your senses from our exciting quest, as our team has some extra news that will sweep you off your feet! 🤯

We are hyped to announce the launch of an exclusive community for the Skill Labs NFT investors. Without further discussions, let’s get into some details.

👉 Who can get access to the community?

Skill Labs has set up not very demanding requirements, so that as many of our fans as possible will be able to access unique privileges 🤗

To be specific, those users, who are spending more than $200 buying various NFTs on a monthly basis are allowed to become a part of our limited-access community.

👉 What the purpose of the community?

Generally, the members of the community will be able to:

⚡️ get early access to the novice products of Skill Labs

⚡️ share experiences and valuable insights about the GameFi space

⚡️ receive an exclusive drop of $SGK token

⚡️ share rare findings within the hottest play-to-earn projects within the industry

⚡ attain unique roles in the Skill Labs community with certain benefits

⚡️ consult each other on various problems and give out useful tips

⚡️ get early access to drops and whitelists, which will bring you a lot of profits

⚡️ discuss most prospective games with other users and share effective gaming strategies

👉 How can you get into an exclusive community?

Firstly and most importantly, you should complete the gleam and the Skill Labs team will select users after wallet analysis, who match the requirements.

We will pay particular attention and prioritize those nft-enthusiasts that participated in the sales of Axie season №1 and both Pegaxy NFT seasons.

Furthermore, Skill Labs will add to the community those players who have shown cool results in various P2E projects. Announcements on games and history of achievements needed to become part of the community will be posted later, so keep up with the updates.

How do you like the idea of an exclusive NFT community? Sounds pretty appealing, doesn’t it? 😏

So, do not waste your time and apply right now to become a part of something bigger, than just a community of like-minded people 💥




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