New partnership: expanding Basketballverse know-how with Skill Guilds expertise

3 min readMar 16, 2022

The2022 is the time when a brand-new stage of metaverse development takes its place. The numbers of the industry increase at an inexorable rate and from this moment on we can safely say that Metaverses have become an undeniable trend this year. The Skill Guilds team keeps up with the times and wants to support projects with innovative ideas. A striking example of such a project is Basketballverse.

Metaverse, GameFi and sports “rolled into one”

Basketballverse is a platform that offers enthusiastic players to discover a new world within the basketball metaverse. The platform enables users across the globe. to start a professional career as players, club managers or arena owners, receiving real income for it. The metaverse combines the mechanics of play-to-earn as well as the NFTs.

Essentially, Basketballverse aims to enable all basketball and game fans to compete with the same players through an exciting gameplay, robust competition and rewards.

It is a P2E 3D multiplayer basketball metaverse that joins billions of basketball enthusiasts in a community where you can develop your NFT basketball avatar, manage your own club or arena, build fanbase, attract sponsorships and build up a solid source of income.

The components of the perfect basketball metaverse are presented by:

Earning. Own and earn NFT assets through competition, selling, renting and deals.

Access. Global players meet at the same place, same time to play and practise.

Playing. Enjoy 1:1, 3:3, 5:5, friendly, professional, pick-up, and full tournaments.

Ownership. Manage a club, recruit players, play in leagues and manage arenas.

Ability. Gain ability through experience, game-playing and training.

Individuality. Customisable personal identities and abilities improved in games.

To state the obvious, the Basketballverse has its own token called $BVR, which is an integral part of the project ecosystem. $BVR is mainly an in-game currency and can be utilized in many ways, i.e. internal game currency, early-access rewards, sponsorship and salary payments for players, token staking and governance.

Basketballverse is a decentralized metaverse of basketball competitions based on blockchain and managed by the community. Thus, further gameplay features will be confirmed or rejected by the community.

Token holders will have the opportunity to participate in voting for upcoming gaming features. The size of the BVR token distribution may affect the voting rights of the owner. Following this direction, Basketballverse will become more popular and more balanced for players, especially considering that nowadays not many projects listen to the complaints and suggestions of the community.

The Skill Guilds core team sees this project as a strong ally. By combining our efforts, we will be able to develop not only our projects, but also the phenomenon of the metaverse itself. For its part, Skill Guilds is ready to help with the involvement of sports enthusiasts (community), as well as with the involvement of investors (capital).Basketballverse will be continuously working on developing and improving its metaverse, while expanding its functionality and its quality in orderto provide the best user experience for the players.

About Basketballverse

Basketballverse is a P2E multiplayer basketball metaverse that connects all the basketball enthusiasts around the world in one community.

They have anticipated all of the true basketball fan’s needs and desires to build a full-immersion game. Now, anyone can start their basketball metaverse career and earn a living from it, whoever they are and wherever they play.

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About Skill Guilds

Skill Guilds is a platform that allows investors, games and players to find each other and choose the best conditions for themselves. It bands all market participants and provides them with tools to maximize the benefits for each of the parties.

The Skill Guilds prioritizes building up a huge professional team of players that would evolve the GameFi industry as never before. The platform allows gamers from all over the world to build their own guilds, get funded via different sponsorship programs and last but not least learn and accelerate with our experienced mentors.

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