Perk Club Airdrop Week #6 has started! 🏃

Nov 21, 2022


Remember the conditions for participation:

  1. Mint minimum 1 Proof-of-Skill NFT during this week via Achievement System.
  2. Get a role “Achievement holder” in our Discord channel and become eligible for the rewards.

Prizes for the 5th week:

On November 21st — 27th, you will be able to participate in the drawing for these prizes:

  • 10,000 $SKG will be distributed among all minters
  • 5 Walken NFTs for the top 5 minters on the Leaderboard
  • 10 random users will get 10 BUSD each

As always, results are updated on Mondays!

The winners are posted on Leaderboard:


Skill Labs cherishes its community and holds Perk Club giveaways to strengthen communication between us.

We always stay in touch with you and are ready to answer any questions!

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