Perk Club giveaway Week #2 has started!

2 min readOct 24, 2022

The Skill Labs team is excited to announce the second week of the Perk Club giveaway for Proof-of-Skill NFT’s holders.

To become the Perk Club’s member you have to mint at least one Proof-of-Skill NFT via our Achievement System during this week. After minting the NFT, you’ll get a role “Achievement holder” in our Discord channel and become eligible for the rewards. Read this article to get more details on the Perk Club.

What are the prizes for this week?

This week (October 24–31st) our Perk Club participants who mint at least 1 NFT will be able to win these cool prizes:

  • 50,000 $SKG will be distributed among all users who mint at least 1 Proof-of-Skill NFT on October 24–31st
  • 5 Metarun Mystery boxes will be distributed among Top 5 users who mint the largest number of achievements
  • 100 random users will get 10 BUSD each.

Mint NFTs and find yourself in Leaderboard:

Please note that the Perk Club prizes are planned to be raffled on a weekly basis. All the results of the giveaway are updated on Mondays.


Skill Labs values an extensive friendly community of gamers that we are jointly building with all of you, and hopefully, the advent of Perk Club will make our bonds even stronger.

Feel free to ask any questions and stay tuned!

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