2 min readJun 14, 2023


Hey everyone, as you know, Skill Labs has been focused on the GameFi sector for some time. We’ve conducted market analysis, provided data and analytics, supported the Scholarship program, and immersed ourselves in the world of gaming NFTs.

The core of our product has always been data tracking and analytics. We love crunching numbers and making them simple and easy to understand and use.

And now we see even more potential in using data insights in the DeFi segment, bringing greater transparency, highlighting trends, and helping users navigate the vast amount of real-time data.

As we delved deeper and worked more on DeFi Analytics, we realized the need to ensure that our name and positioning reflect what we are and what we do.

Introducing our new DeFi project:

Hashsense is a new platform that collects data from leading protocols and presents it in an actionable way.

Hashsense’s functionality includes several tools that create conditions for maximizing profits with minimal risks:

— Hashsense Data Parsers gather data from blockchains to save information about protocol transactions.

— The AI technologies embedded in Hashsense Profit Analyzer help evaluate the current value of assets and predict the expected profitability of each wallet. Its task is to select the best traders and agents based on several parameters.

— Hashsense Action Tracker tracks the actions of top traders and alerts users on Telegram/Discord every time a new action is taken.

— Hashsense Action Repeater provides copy trading capabilities, allowing you to trade like the best traders based on your risk profile.

— And most conveniently, the Vault Service. This tool automates staking and allows you to enjoy your harvest. Automatic staking in Hashsense provides the highest returns through profitable protocols and trading strategies.

We will publish our future plans and Roadmap soon, stay tuned!

❗️ Important: All Skill Labs users who have won tokens in our competitions will receive new project tokens in the same proportion as their holdings in the previous project.

Stay tuned, follow our updates, and wish us good luck! 🍀