Pegaxy Season 1 NFT Sale Overview

Feb 22, 2022

Last weekend, we claimed VIS for Pegaxy, 14 Pegas earned — 43,993.6 VIS. This amount represents 80% of total earnings, as 20% allocated for scholars are deducted and transferred to scholars’ accounts at the time a race ends.

As 43,993.6 VIS is 80%,

it gives us 38,494.4 VIS — 70%

And SG got 5,499.2 VIS for Operations and other related expenses.

And yesterday, on 20th of February, we finally distributed for the first time VIS earned by the Pegas to the holders.

You can always check what’s happening with the Pega of the Season on using the wallet address — 0xa49e4F9E4233a30497C4579545a647d4D4960D37

Next claim is scheduled for March 6th.




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