Skill Guilds NFT Seasons FAQ

3 min readFeb 22, 2022

Hello, Skill Guilds community. You are asking so many questions about our NFTs that you have purchased durings SG seasons, so we have decided to create a FAQ. Here you can find details on how to buy NFTs and get your rewards for NFT holding.

How many NFTs seasons did you launch? And what were the games?

At first, we launched Axie Infinity Season 1, then Pegaxy Seasons 1 and 2. Right now, Pegaxy Season 2 is going on.

How to buy an NFT?

Open Skill Guilds website to check what season is ongoing now. You can find information in the right corner of the website page. For now, Season 3 is live.

  • Step 1: Click “Season 3 NFTs are live” button and you will be redirected to season page
  • Step 2: On the season page you will find the “BUY” button. To purchase NFT you should click it. After it you will be redirected to our partner site —
  • Step 3: Connect your Metamask wallet by clicking on the “Connect Wallet” button
  • Step 4: Press “Buy NFT” button

Congratulations! You’ve purchased your Skill Guilds NFT!

What are the rewards for Pegaxy NFTs?

We use the funds to buy pegas in Pegaxy and our scholars play the game. 70% of the earnings go to NFT holders, which they can claim.

Each month you vote to sell pegasuses at the market price and send money back or continue.

What should I do with my NFT to get the rewards?

Just buy and hold it in your wallet. You do not need to transfer your NFT to another wallet. Just HODL.

How to get rewards for my Pegaxy NFT?

We distribute earnings proportionally to the amount of NFTs you hold. We will be sending the money back to your wallet biweekly. Each month we vote whether to continue farming or sell pegas and send back the money to NFT holders.

To earn VIS rewards, you should just hold NFT and you will automatically get rewards every week. But to get rewards, you need to connect the Polygon Network and add VIS tokens to Metamask (the guides are below).

How to connect Polygon Network to Metamask?

  • Step 1. Open/create a Metamask wallet
  • Step 2. Open networks menu. From the MetaMask main screen click on the button with your current network
  • Step 3. Click “Add network”
  • Step 4. Add Polygon
  • Step 5. Insert the information below:

Network Name: Polygon


Chain ID: 137

Currency Symbol: MATIC

Block Explorer URL:

How to add VIS tokens to Metamask wallet?

  • First of all, you need to make sure that you are using the Polygon network.
  • Then click on the “Assets” button and “Add token” afterward.
  • The next step is to insert all token details in the form:
  • Token contract address — 0x37B7AE0a020c980e5754B8445ff3859FaD1555F4
  • Token symbol — VIS
  • Decimals of precision — 18

Feel free to ask any questions in our Discord and Telegram!

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