Skill Labs answers your questions

2 min readSep 1, 2022


  1. What are the criteria for you to pick the scholars?

Experience in playing web3 games in the past.

Motivation — we ask the applications to solve puzzles, answer some open questions to check and see those who are more motivated and disciplined.

Responsibility — we are interested in hiring disciplined people who will take the scholarship contract and obligations seriously.

2. Are you looking to integrate with projects that build Gamer Passports allowing people to own their gaming data?

Skill Labs is a tech platform focused on bringing transparency to GameFi and empowering gamers worldwide. Our team is creating an exclusive tech solution allowing you to own your in-game achievements and progress, stay tuned!

3. How do a web3 game and a gaming guild benefit from a partnership?

Games can attract many players at once just from the start, thanks to the guilds’ community. Also, the guilds scholars usually have pretty high game skills because of their previous experience, which sets the bar higher and adds more competition to the community for game players.

Guilds, in its turn, have a chance to provide more people — scholars with an additional source of income.

What’s more, each new game is a great chance to learn and adapt the guild scholars community to new and fast-changing game environments and current game trends.

On top of that, games and guilds often cooperate and organize educational events, sharing valuable materials and info. This helps to educate the GameFi community even more.

4. How can I get a scholarship from you?

Head over to the Discord server of Skill Labs and feel free to leave your application in the # 🤝 | scholars channel. We will review it shortly and let you know whether you are a good fit.

5. Are you still accepting applications for the Walken Scholarship?

Users can apply to the Scholarship program on our Discord server. And if there are free assets — our team transfers them from bad performers to newcomers.

6. When will the new scholarships be available?

We’re awaiting the launch of our several game partners pretty soon. Once they go public, the Skill Labs team will inform the community about new scholarship applications open. Make sure you follow our updates and news to stay updated about the latest announcements.




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