Skill Labs Dashboard — a must-have tool for all P2E gamers

3 min readSep 13, 2022


What you will find in the article:

  1. What is so notable about the dashboard?
  2. How to interpret data
  3. Dashboard’s further plans
  4. Share your feedback with us

GameFi dashboard launch

Skill Labs is happy to announce the release of the first-ever real-time GameFi dashboard. Utilizing blockchain technologies along with the extensive experience of the project’s core team, Skill Labs helps the P2E community choose the best projects that suit their needs.

This is achieved thanks to an advanced data-driven approach which includes calculating ROI, payback and other game health metrics. This way, NFT investors can compare various popular games and pick suitable ones.

Games we chose

We’ve started with a batch of BSC game projects that are trending right now and had great user base in the past:

The full list is as follows:

— Era 7

— Tiny Farm

— Titan Arena

— Heroes and Empires

— Metamon

— X World

— Metaverse Miners

— Metakeeper

— Ninneko

— Cyball

— Thetan Hunters

Dashboard metrics

For each game, you can find the most relevant information, which will help you make a well-informed decision:

  • ROI — these metrics define a potential return on investment
  • Payback period — time during which you can reclaim your initial investment
  • Share of monthly cohort who profited in a specific game
  • User dynamic — allows you to see how many new and returning users are in the game
  • Average earning
  • Social media stats

Whom this dashboard will be helpful for?

The Skill Labs Dashboard will come in handy for all the GameFi residents out there.

Offering a broad spectrum of features, it will become an extremely useful tool for P2E players, NFT buyers, gaming guilds as well as scholars.

What is more, it will be a no-brainer solution for those, who are just entering the GameFi space.

Our roadmap

We will work on developing this dashboard and adding new features. So, here is a list of our further steps for the next following weeks:

  1. Solana and Polygon chains to be added
  2. Adding 50 new games
  3. Social media dynamics tracking for each game added

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do you collect and calculate data, is it trustable?
    We parse and aggregate data of millions of original transactions of each game. The Skill Labs team does not interfere with the data collected other than aggregating it and removing non-in-game transactions (e.g. token staking).
  2. Can you guarantee income and yield for playing the game you have in your dashboard?
    We want to mention that the dashboard was created mainly to help you navigate and provide data while deciding which game to join. The data provided is factual and is updated in real-time so that you can get a better understanding of the game’s health metrics.
  3. I am looking for game data, but it’s not on your list, how can I get it?
    We’re working hard to speed up the process of adding new games and chains. Feel free to share what games you’re particularly interested in our Discord space. We would appreciate any help! — link to the channel.
  4. Why do you have these specific games in the dashboard?
    BSC is now a leading GameFi chain, so we thought it would be a solid starting point. Our team intends to add Polygon, Solana and others very soon.
  5. About Skill Labs
    Skill Labs is a company that seeks to empower gamers, guilds, and NFT owners by building tools for them. We want to bring transparency to NFT gaming and help gamers worldwide own their digital assets, including in-game items.

This version is in public beta and just our first step, we invite all of the users to check it out and try using it. We’d be happy to get your feedback on our Discord server.




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